5 Quick, healthy facts about Hemp oil
5 Quick, healthy facts about Hemp oil

Whether in a physical store or online shops, you can see hemp oil and CBD products available. This is because it greatly helps those who are in need. It is proven and tested by many, that is why its effect is widespread due to good feedbacks.

Although many are still confused about the difference between hemp and CBD oil and how it can affect the body, one thing is for sure; this oil can help in various medical ways. Below are some quick facts so you can learn more about hemp oil mixed with cbd.

  • Hemp oil comes from the seed.

Yes, hemp and CBD comes from the plant, but hemp oil is explicitly extracted in the seed of a hemp plant. This plant is part of the cannabis plant like where marijuana come from.

  • There is no “high” feeling for this.

Some say you will get “high” because it is a drug but research shows that hemp oil has low THC level, meaning this oil has no psychoactive effect in our body.

  • Produce a lot of oil.

When you say the plant, you can immediately associate it with lives or some herbs. Hemp plant’s seed produces a lot of good oil that will be mixed and used for other medical purposes.

  • Hemp oil is used for healthy cooking.

Not everyone is knowledgeable about this health benefit in cooking. This type of oil has no saturated fat perfect for a healthy meal. It is not just beneficial for the skin and other sicknesses; you can also use this oil in your day to day cooking.

  • It has more essentials than the CBD.

The comparison between the two is an interesting discussion. Experts admit that hemp oil has more nutrients and vitamins than the CBD oil. Though both are essential oils, one is best used in some fields than the other. It has similarities and difference are still vital to one’s health.

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