How to measure the best CBD vape oil dosage?
How to measure the best CBD vape oil dosage?


Knowing the CBD dosage is very important to maximise the effectiveness of the CBD product. Different CBD product offers different amount of CBD compound thus provides different dosage. CBD compound can be contained in many forms such as CBD oil, CBD vape oil, CBD tincture. CBD tincture is the easiest way to consume CBD compound. CBD tincture is associated with the sublingual application wherein the CBD compound is administered under the tongue. In this way, the active ingredient in the CBD tincture is absorbed into the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Measuring the CBD oil dosage

CBD oil administered under the tongue is applied using a dropper. Knowing how much CBD compound a single drop of CBD tincture contains is very important to see the amount of CBD compound intake. In the average, one drop contains one mL of liquid. The amount of best cbd vape oil compound per drop is computed using the total CBD compound content and the number of millilitres contained in the bottle. It is calculated by dividing the entire CBD compound by the millilitres of the CBD tincture.

Measuring best CBD vape oil dosage

Just like in CBD tincture, measuring CBD vape dosage is also done by estimating the CBD compound in the vape. The amount of CBD compound consumed is measured according to the tank of the vape. One should examine the effect of the current dosage and should adjust accordingly to achieve the maximum impact. It is advised to start at small doses and increasing gradually. The CBD compound will not make the person overdose.

CBD capsules

The most accurate way to monitor the CBD intake is consuming CBD capsules. CBD capsules contain the exact amount written in their packaging. CBD capsules should enter the digestive tract and should be metabolised by the liver. CBD products also come in CBD applicators, CBD edibles, CBD gummies, and CBD beverages.

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